Our mission is to make green assets of every size effortless to finance

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and while many technologically-mature assets can help us decarbonise, only a fraction of these assets actually get financed and deployed.
The majority of funds flow to large projects (solar, wind, hydro farms, and geothermal facilities of >$5m per project). However, we see an untapped opportunity in the area of smaller-scale green assets (solar, electric vehicle, water treatment and energy efficiency projects of $500k-$5m). Despite the perception, this segment is 5-6x bigger than the large scale market ($200-$230 bn in Southeast Asia alone), with projects that can have 15%+ returns.
Project developers are the companies responsible for the design and installation of these assets, but the majority cite obtaining financing as the key bottleneck inhibiting the deployment of these assets at scale.
With our innovative platform, Refy aims to de-risk these smaller green assets for investors, while also helping developers to grow by solving the most pressing pain points experienced in obtaining financing for these projects.
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