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Streamlining green investments for developers and investors

Small-scale decarbonization projects in Asia hold immense potential for reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change. However, a significant financing gap exists due to the challenges faced by project developers in accessing capital from traditional financial institutions.

With Refy:

Ease of use

your project deployment by offering customers flexible payment options

Expert Support

your financing with seamless access to capital

Security and compliance

your project financing lifecycle with our all-in-one platform

Key Features and Benefits

Our platform amplifies the opportunity for sustainable developers, regardless of project size or funding requirement.

secure funding

Secure Funding for Your Projects

Unlock capital for your decarbonization initiatives with our innovative financing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Interactive insight

Enhance Your Financing Profile

Leverage our expertise to optimize your financing package and present a compelling case to institutional lenders.

Project management

Streamline Contract Analysis

Save time and resources with our AI-powered assistant that helps you navigate complex contracts and loan documents.

Risk Mitigation

Maintain Data Ownership

Rest assured that your data remains secure and confidential. We simply help you showcase your strengths to potential financiers.

Are you looking to...

Secure up to 80% financing for projects 500 kWp and above, with flexible payment terms of up to 15 years..

Co-finance projects with traditional banks, where Refy provides mezzanine and/or equity financing.

Securitise your existing project receivables to generate cash that can be used as project equity.

Access a wholesale corporate loan to finance multiple smaller projects, with a 5-year loan tenor and project assets assigned as security.

Utilize a revolving bridge-financing facility to support projects where customers pay the full amount upon completion and turnover, with repayment within a few months.


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